Mechanical engineering

working with advanced technology


Our engineering team plans and develops customised solutions, creating their designs using the Solidworks 3D design tool.


2D and 3D Industrial Design


Our technical office plans and designs each project from the beginning, assessing the various market alternatives and the client’s needs and choosing the most suitable solution. This concept is then materialised at the final stage using Solidworks, for client validation and reference for the various phases of the project.

Calculation and Dimensioning


In this first phase, our engineers make sure to apply their expertise to size each of the elements and verify that the client’s requirements are met, as well as the intrinsic requirements of each project and safety needs.

Hydraulic Design


If the project requires it, and via a specialised team, the hydraulic dimensioning of the system is carried out, which includes the calculations for selecting the actuators, hydraulic units and tanks required. All this is materialised and documented with the respective hydraulic diagrams.