Robotic Cells

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We have extensive experience in ABB, Kuka, Fanuc and collaborative robots such as UR and Omron.


Designed to meet specific functions:
Handling of parts or components
Adhesive application
Component assembly
Inspection via artificial vision
Quality guarantee
Component provision


Sheet metal folding station


Robotised system for folding and bending induction hob casings according to client specifications. Finally, it supplies these casings to the production line.

Glass gluing line


Manufacturing line for various induction glass models, gluing their components via the application of silicone.

Insertion of clips in Instrument Panel Carrier


Automatic installation of snap clips and grommets in IP Carrier via robots. Can accommodate three pieces.
Insertion of clips and grommets in IP Carrier by Kuka robots and feeding with Scara and artificial vision.

Car dashboard view camera


Quality control system using artificial vision. Includes the identification of the presence and correct position of clips, bushings and airbag fabric, among others.

EGR valve termination line


Automatic EGR valve assembly line. Welding robot, artificial vision, robot for filling, assembly, etc. It also has a geometry and functionality testing station, watertightness testing equipment and a complete traceability system.