Electrical Engineering

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The electrical department is in charge of developing electrical diagrams, assembling the cabinets, carrying out wiring in the field and, in brief, finding the most suitable electrical solution for each project and client, adapting to their standards.


Design and assembly of electrical cabinets


The design of the electrical panels is created according to the specifications of the designed machine. We have specific software for designing electrical diagrams. We work with the most widespread brands in the market, but we also adapt to work with the brands that our clients require.

In-field wiring


We carry out the complete wiring in the field, the installation of the equipment, its interconnection and, if necessary, the training of the maintenance personnel on the connection and configuration of the equipment.

Command and control systems


Specialised in developing command and control systems for any device/machine on the market. Our installations are designed to allow operation with existing equipment.



All machines designed at Ergomaq are commissioned at our clients’ facilities. This process includes both the mechanical and electrical parts, as well as programming.

Pneumatic systems


The electrical department is also responsible for the design and installation of the pneumatic part, always aiming to be at the forefront of these systems, facilitating both their installation and maintenance.

Machine safety


A health and safety study is carried out for all projects, analysing the safety elements that must be installed and creating the design according to the applicable standards, so that the machine is totally safe within the production process.
The measures taken are aimed at eliminating accident risks during the foreseeable service life of the machine, even when accident risks result from foreseeable abnormal situations.