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We focus on ergonomic aspects, to ensure that the work is adapted to the operator’s needs.


Plastic welding tools


Tools dedicated to welding plastic parts for the automotive sector. Hot plates are used for this purpose, which are heated to the desired temperature via electrical resistance.

Sheet metal folding die


Die specially designed for folding sheet metal wings. It is integrated into a hydraulic press brake, also designed and assembled by Ergomaq.

Adhesive control tool


Composed of a set of cradles, designed to adapt to the shape of the IP’s PVC skin. The adhesive application process is carried out in the tool, together with the subsequent sealing and verification of the correct position of the adhesive.

Cutting and punching machine for blown plastic tubes


We manufacture customised machines for cutting, punching and watertightness testing of plastic pipes for the automotive industry. The tools are custom-designed to meet the needs of each part.

Dummy control TFT


Mechanical verification tool for checking the correct positioning of the TFT control screen of various induction cooktop models.