Machining and Assembly

total control of installations


We have the machinery and technical personnel to mechanise and assemble the equipment and systems designed. In addition, we ensure that these are fully tested and verified prior to commissioning at the destination company.


Mechanical Manufacturing


Ergomaq is an expert in manufacturing and our guarantee runs through process design and CNC program development through to the optimum product result. We have extensive experience in manufacturing parts in aluminium, steel, technical plastics and non-ferritic alloys.
Our work team develops the best conditions to optimise the manufacturing process for any part via a computerised CAD/CAM system, particularly for parts with complete geometries. Constant technological evolution allows us to manufacture with maximum precision and reliability for our clients’ requirements.

Assembly and Verification


The precise adjustment of all components is part of our daily work to ensure the smooth operation of our machines and installations. Our employees’ extensive experience and knowledge of industrial tools and components allows for rapid commissioning and successful production start-up.
Our commitment to quality has led us to implement organisation and control systems with the main objective of having the production process revolve around client satisfaction.