Assembly Lines

working with advanced technology


Complete assembly lines, customised for production processes.


Manual and automatic workstations
Supply racks


AGS Assembly, Active Grille Shutter


AGS (Active Grille Shutter) parts production line with two end-of-line verification cameras using vision systems.

Packaging of clay pigeon shooting discs


The objective of which is to transport and stack clay pigeon shooting discs, for their subsequent introduction into the packaging and sealing stage.

Induction hob assembly


Line consisting of a series of assembly stations for the production of various induction hob models.

Automatic EGR manufacturing line


Automatic line dedicated to the assembly, welding, filling and verification via artificial vision of automotive EGR.

Induction cooktop assembly line


Formed of a set of stations for the assembly of induction cooktops. Includes auditing and verification systems, as well as final product packaging.
It also has a comprehensive system for traceability and management of stored data.